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The poem, Dr.

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Its publication came shortly after South Carolina seceded from the union. As for the facts, there is no question that Revere became a messenger for the Sons of Liberty, a secret group organized around opposition to British taxation and not mentioned in the poem. Revere is known to have traveled back and forth between Boston and Philadelphia several times, carrying rebel communications.

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Bach said. Nor was Revere the only rider along the way, as Smithsonian. Revere and the Hancock aide, John Lowell, apparently lugged it into the woods as musket balls from the Battle of Lexington were flying above them. The poem turned Revere into a national icon.

It also made him a proxy for colonial-era tradesmen, who ranked below lawyers, merchants and religious leaders in society. Those connections put him in the right places at the right times to document the patriotism he both witnessed and helped to shape. One shows the first person killed, Crispus Attucks , who Dr. Opening night. After seven long years, actress Laura Laine has finally made it—she is a now a star to be followed. The press are downstairs, the music is thumping, and the party is in full swing, yet year old Laura lingers in her dressing room, pausing to gather the strength needed to face the reporters Enter, stage left, Laura Laine's thought-to-be-dead husband, who just happens to know her secret.

Are you decent? She was sitting at her dressing table, still only half dressed.

She had been dreaming. In her dream, she had been in front of the camera and the eye of the camera had slowly turned into George's eye and winked at her. A slow, maliciously-knowing wink, that had been George's trademark in Burlesque George had been dead for 5 years and she only dreamed about him when she was very tired, as she was now. So tired, she dozed off in the middle of changing for the party that was going on downstairs.

Laura [Laine], star of "Star-Crossed Love", premiered that night, the night of the party. Laura Lane: star, public property. She didn't know how could she?

Beyond Midnight

The episode I have with this title is the actually "Vulture People". A pair of sisters accompany their father, the Reverend Maydew, to a rural parsonage, where they become enamoured of an old brick house located in a narrow glen named Brickett Bottom.

The house has been occupied by Colonel Paxton and his wife for many years. When Alice the younger daughter hurts her ankle, Maggie the elder visits the Paxtons and strikes up a friendship with the very charming Mrs Paxton. The only problem is that none of the locals have ever seen the house or heard of the Paxtons. Opening: "The Reverend Arthur Maydew worked very hard in a large parish for eleven months of the year. He was also a student and a man of no strong physique. So that when an opportunity was presented to him to take a holiday by exchanging his parsonage in a sprawling, dark industrial town, with the country living of another clergyman in the sunlit south, he was very glad to avail himself of it.

Arthur Maydew had two daughters: the heroines of this story set in an English county, shortly after the first World War. Both these girls rejoiced at the prospect of a period of quiet and rest in the pleasant country neighbourhood of Overbury. But their dreams were shattered. From the gentle green acres, the Maydew sisters passed into the dark regions of terror that lie Lost on the lonely moors of Northern England, a hunter seeks shelter in the manor of an eccentric recluse.

The recluse, a long-forgotten scientist, grudgingly welcomes the hunter for supper and then embarks on an evening of philosophical ramblings. Eager to reach his wife waiting at home though, the hunter interrupts the evening and seeks the Crossroads where he might catch a lift on the mail coach. Edwards, available at Project Gutenberg, Australia. Opening: "In the year of , in the December of that year to be more exact, James Murray, Barrister-at-Law, did a lot of grouse shooting.

During the last few days of the season he made several trips across the northern moors, after the elusive and soon-to-be-prohibited birds. December, the wind was due east; the moors were bleak and wild. On his last expedition, the very day before the ending of the season, James Murray became hopelessly lost. The first feathery flakes of the coming snow storm fluttered down upon the heather and a leaden evening was closing in all around. The purple moorland melted into a range of low hills.

There was not the faintest smoke-wreath. Not the smallest cultivated patch, or fence, or sheep-track. The world had changed. Become hostile. Murray shouldered his gun and pushed wearily forward on and beyond The episode I have with this title is the actually "The Phantom Coach". It is quite likely that this is actually the same story as "The Honeymooners".

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Jane Brooks is startled when her dustbin lid flies off and lands a couple of metres away. But surprise gradually gives way to alarm, fright and, eventually, terror when neither Jane nor her husband, James, can find evidence of natural causes—no people hanging about Whatever it is, is very, very fast. Eventually a hunter friend hits on the idea of rigging up cameras and trip wires to take some photographs. Opening: "[James and Jane talking excitedly, then] James Brooks was his name.

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He had been in South Africa for three years. Leaving England on an impulse, England and the girl-friend, he had come to seek his fortune in a city called Johannesburg that was said to be made of gold. Within a month he had decided he might as well have stayed in Sheffield, for there was nothing 'African' about Johannesburg. Then the city got under his skin and he saved and bought a small car and began to go on weekend safaris to the Hartebeestpoort Dam, and once he even drove to Durban.

He wrote four times a week to a girl called Jane, and when she finally left Southampton University with an upper Second or a lower First or something in History, she flew from a grey United Kingdom into the hard, bright sunlight of Jan Smuts Airport.

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By this time, he had rented a cottage at a place called Kyalami, where they race motorcars. Livermore National Laboratory, California. An accident involving a highly-classified project results in serious radiation poisoning of a civilian truck driver. Secret notes are read and passed about It's all very hush-hush, and I really can't say any more about it.

Opening: "[phone rings, Ellison answers] 'Hello? Permanent Officer-of-the-Day? Quarter to Four! I'm in the administration building. There are two security officers here with a patient. A civilian. Oh, just a minute, sir. Nobody, but nobody We have a highly classified emergency on our hands and we need you, Commander, immediately! Socialite Rupert Orange lived with his aunt in New York till he was twenty-four years old, and when she died, leaving her entire estate to him, a furious contest arose over her will.

The Court declared that the old lady had died lunatic; that she had been unduly influenced; and, that consequently her testament was void. So began the fall of Rupert Orange from opulence to poverty See also: "Sir Derminic's Bargain". Whatever became of Rupert Orange? At every society party in London, in New York, anywhere, such a question was once asked frequently, now not so often.

So Many Blooms, It’s Like a Ball of Blue!

Soon it will never be asked again, because people forget people. Public figures fade into insignificance, great stars of the stage and screen are forgotten all to easily, and heroes we might owe our lives to could die in rags for all we care, within a few short years of their exploits.

Rupert Orange. Rupert Orange was no hero, of course, he starred on no stage, although he was at one time a familiar figure at London first nights, and would never have dreamt of attending if a box had not been available. A box meant a beautiful woman, and whether the play was good or bad, the evening required food and wine at its end.