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What's more, a couple of new job listings suggest that Nintendo is looking for people to work on designing some dungeons and hidden bosses for the game — so far, so exciting.

Nintendo hasn't shared much information other than the trailer and a few sparse comments — run through below — but the trailer did close off with a line stating the Breath of the Wild sequel was "in development". We certainly won't see the game being released in the coming months, but it's hard to tell beyond that.

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Given the team appear to be re-using the same engine and open-world Hyrule setting, Nintendo probably won't need the same lead time to get this game to release — as with Majora's Mask on the Nintendo 64, which launched just two years after 's iconic Ocarina of Time, and re-used many of the same in-game assets. December seems the earliest it could possibly release, with a window seeming more probable.

We got our first glimpse of BOTW 2 at E3, with this spooky trailer that shows Zelda and Link exploring an underground chamber — with some mysterious runes, glowing hands, and a brand-new haircut that has set the internet on fire. Suffice to say: we're excited. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 trailer is just 82 seconds long and there's no dialogue whatsoever — but there are some clues to be gathered from it.

It features a torch-carrying Link and Zelda traversing a dark dungeon beneath Hyrule no big surprise there. Spirit-like tendrils creep around the musty tomb they're exploring, with the pair riding a large elephant-like beast.

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Something shocks the pair, and then we cut to what appears to be the resurrection of some long-dead and creepy looking warrior. Could this be the return of Ganondorf? The video then cuts to a long shot of Hyrule Field, with Hyrule Castle in the distance. There's a tremor, the castle is smothered with dust The clip finishes with a message that reads: "The sequel to Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is in development.

We wouldn't usually expect so much animation to be done so early in development, but it probably helps that Nintendo already has the in-game engine from Breath of the Wild. All we really know at this point is how little we know. But boy are there rumors. The unexpected trailer has already sparked a huge amount of speculation, hopes and hot takes on what the next mainline Zelda title might include. We've heard from Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma that the game is going to have a darker tone than Breath of the Wild, and will even be "a little bit darker" than Majora's Mask via IGN.

The trailer certainly supports this, with what looks like Ganondorf's corpse being resurrected by a disembodied hand, and seemingly imagery from 's Twilight Princess, which saw Hyrule turned into a bleak shadow realm — largely in response to the far cheerier and cartoonish The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. The glowing blue hand in the trailer is the biggest clue that we'll be seeing more of the Twili — shadow people descended from Hylians who tried to take the power of the Triforce for themselves.

The hand is wrapped in twisting shapes reminiscent of Twilight architecture, while the swirling magic could remind some of the portals that let Twili invade Hyrule in the game. We know that BOTW's dev team originally toyed with the idea of an alien invasion, and seeing shadow creatures teleport out of the sky could well have been what they have planned this time around.

If you listen to the trailer's audio in reverse, there are certain notes that seem to echo the music played during your final encounter with Zant — who, while defeated, is adamant he'll return through the power of his "god". Demise was the final boss in Skyward Sword, and revealed to be the original form of Ganondorf.

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The below still from the Zelda trailer also looks a lot like Demise when you think about it. The latest rumors about the Breath of the Wild sequel suggest that we could be in for a treat in the form of a new map that's not like anything we've seen from Zelda before. One of the favorite fan theories doing the rounds regards the Hyrule princess herself. How long have you been writing?

I started my first novel when I was fifteen and managed six whole chapters, written in longhand and typed, very slowly, on a borrowed Imperial It was only getting to know writers on the web, from about onwards, that taught me a little more about presenting and submitting my finished work.

What advice would you give to authors who are struggling with it? I think we all struggle with the lead times for publications and, when submitting to an agent or a publisher, the length of time it takes to get a reply, even a negative one.

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Empire of Dust , which is published by DAW in November, spent three years on the desk of an editor at another major publishing house. However three years later, despite several nudges from me and promises to read it from her, nothing was happening, so I withdrew the book and started over from the beginning again. I understand. Editors are busy people, but it can be frustrating.

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I have to say, however, that DAW is a lovely company to work with. My editor, Sheila Gilbert, is hugely experienced and extremely insightful. The only advice I can give is to be persistent. Stick at it despite the frustrations. Sometimes a turn of phrase in a song will slap me around the chops and make me realise I need to look at something from a different angle.

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  7. We are all composites of our life experience. I may have a non-fiction book on the go, but my fiction reading drops right off the bottom end of the scale.

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    I try to read and blog a minimum of fifty books a year. My Strategic Book Reserve is enormous, just waiting for me to have the time to do it justice. At the moment I only stop for Dr Who. Did this cause any difficulties when you approached agents or publishers? Do you have any advice for writers who want to do the same? When my editor heard I had a completed space opera she was immediately interested.

    She read it, bought it, ordered a sequel and, in fact, both of those will be out before the fantasy. Way back in the s I made the mistake of writing two linked fantasy novels without thinking it through.

    The second one was never going to sell until, and unless, the first one did, so effectively I wasted a couple of years. I learned my lesson.