Manual Fixing and Flipping Real Estate: Strategies for the Post-Boom Era

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View all Local Real Estate forums. I enjoyed his stories, humor, and real world knowledge. If you're new to real estate, you should check out biggerpockets and Marty's blog. Some of his posts there are in this book, so it's a good way to know if you'll enjoy the book. Each of these categories has examples, stories, mistakes, and the nitty-gritty details you need to succeed in rehabbing. I now feel confident that I understand the process and steps it takes to rehab a property in this post-boom market.

To be honest it's a lot of hard work and this book takes the glamour out of it. If you're looking for the sexiness of fixing and flipping, stick to reality TV and keep telling yourself "that looks easy, I could do that. Hi Richard - Thanks for the review.

My Review of Fixing and Flipping Real Estate: Strategies for the Post-Boom Era by Marty Boardman

Do your research and make smart decisions. Good luck. Thank you Richard for the kind, honest review of my book both here and on Amazon. Obviously, I'm hopeful our readers will all pick up a copy. Im am about 50 pages in. Highly recommend it. Great overview for a wannabe like me and now I know which skills I have and which I need to work on. Plenty of great tips too!

I could use a new drink coaster need somewhere to put my bourbon while Im drinking it Marty Boardman Im gonna have to pickup a copy! Oops, I should probably clarify, I am not currently drinking bourbon, but I do quite often my day job is in the bourbon industry! That made me laugh a little bit Account Closed! I picked it up last week and it was well worth the purchase price. Well done Marty Boardman. After listening to the podcast and reading Richard's review, I want to purchase this book now. I'd like to give back to BP in some small way - is there an affiliate link that someone can provide me to purchase Marty's book?

Just picked up the Kindle version for my ipad talk about an expensive coaster , but haven't read a page yet. Hoping to get to it sometime this week. After realizing thats all it was, was video after video I immediately called Marty and asked for a refund and he refused giving me a line of BS just to watch the videos and make sure its something I dont want, I felt bad after speaking to him and skimmed through the videos to make sure there wasnt any value I could use, it took me 1 day and I called him back asking for a refund again, he refused calling me names and yelling at me to get to work and that a homeless bum could pay for this.

After that call I filed a dispute with Paypal only to be denied by paypal because the manipulating scam artist used the evidence that I watched the videos against me knowing that I wanted a refund, Marty manipulated me and Paypal to steal my money from me and PayPal is allowing this to happen, I provided all the evidence I could showing the back and forth communication with me asking for my refund and the responses I received. Now that the scammers won the case they refuse to even speak to me. They completely manipulated me and Paypal to steal my money by telling me to watch the videos and if its something I still don't want I could get refunded Listen to your customers better.

I will be blogging all this info everywhere this is a complete scam and a damn shame Pay Pal allows this to happen, very pathetic and so easy for scammers to win here. Your track record of fraud is well known in the state of Florida.

Recommended House Flipping Posts:

The best books on flipping houses introduce you to each and help you choose the best one or two for your strengths and your market. While this is by no means an exhaustive list, here are some of the best-reviewed and most thorough books on flipping houses to get you operational and earning money in no time.

Key Takeaways and Strengths : One of the great strengths of The Flipping Blueprint is that author Luke Weber spent much of his career as a real estate appraiser, so he provides insider insights into evaluating properties and estimating ARVs. As the title suggests, Weber walks you through a complete house flipping business plan. Key Takeaways and Strengths : Sabi Shepherd spends plenty of focus on keeping your flips moving, to buy, renovate, and sell properties faster.

Speed matters: buying faster helps you score better deals, renovating faster minimizes your soft costs, and selling faster recovers your cash and profits so that you can turn around and re-invest it. In other words, keeping your velocity of money high.

Shepherd also helps you discover and develop your competitive advantages in finding deals —a useful exercise for any real estate investor. Another part of systematizing your house flipping business often includes automating with real estate investing software , to help you forecast and track expenses, and manage costs. Key Takeaways and Strengths : The Book on Flipping Houses is exactly that; a succinct, efficient introduction to the skills you need to succeed in house flipping.

Scott keeps the pace brisk and covers bridge loans and other financing tips, finding deals, renovation , evaluating scope of wo r k , and most of all, accurately forecasting profits. This book goes into greater depth on—you guessed it—estimating renovation costs.

And it is worth the extra detail. If you want to hit a home run with every property, you need to develop a keen sense for how much it costs to renovate a house. As a more niche book, consider reading this one as a follow-up to one of the broader books on flipping houses on this list. He focuses on four pillars; Acquisition finding deals , rehabbing without under- or over-improving a property , sales selling for the highest possible price in the shortest possible time , and raising capital securing funding.

His goal? To help you buy properties a month to flip.

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Key Takeaways and Strengths : Brandon Turner focuses on financing and raising money from other investors, as funding remains a struggle for so many new real estate investors. Key Takeaways andStrengths : Villani and Davis cover a systematic approach to finding profitable deals, renovating them, and selling quickly for profit. One strength of this book on flipping houses is its focus on identifying the property repairs that will offer the highest returns , for any given property.

While this is one of the older books on this list, it remains relevant given its focus on the fundamentals. Consider this book as a follow-up read to one of the broader books on flipping houses at the top of the list. Learning how to flip a house is something anyone can master within a few months, regardless of their experience or background. But it does take a commitment to learning the skills necessary to succeed. Start with one or two of these books on flipping houses as an affordable, easy way to learn how to get started flipping houses.

Disclaimer: The above is provided for informational purposes only and should not be considered tax, savings, financial, or legal advice. Please consult your tax advisor.

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