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OpenSimulator is released under BSD license, making it both open source, and commercially friendly to embed in products. It has many tools for developers to build various applications chat application, buildings, and avatars among others. OpenSimulator can be extended via modules to build completely custom configuration. It is a world building tools for creating content real time in the environment. NET vi.

It incorporates rich and handy documentations and tutorials. Croquet is a next generation virtual operating system OS written in Squeak. Squeak is a modern variant of Smalltalk. Squeak runs mathematically identical on all machines. Croquet system features a peer-based messaging protocol that dramatically reduces the need for server infrastructures to support virtual world deployment and makes it easy for software developers to create deeply collaborative applications.

Croquet provides rich tutorials, resources and videos as educational materials for developers. The main goal of the Ogoglio is to build an online urban style space for creative collaboration.

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Ogoglio platform is built from the languages and protocols of the web. Ogoglio is very different from the other virtual reality world development platforms because it uses Windows, Linux, Solaris operating system platforms and runs on web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari. It was delivered as a cross-platform system, though originally developed for their Macintosh computers. It has strong modeling capabilities, a flexible plugin architecture and a long heritage on the Microsoft Windows platform.

It is mostly used by video game developers, television commercial studios and architectural visualization studios. It is also used for movie effects and movie pre-visualization. Applications and advancements in VR technology There are a lot of applications and advancements in VR technology. VR is being applied in all areas of human endeavour and many VR applications have been developed for manufacturing, training in a variety of areas military, medical, equipment operation, etc. This has been made possible due to the power of VR in transporting customers to a virtual environment and convincing them of their presence in it Wittenberg, In industry, VR has proven to be an effective tool for helping workers evaluates product designs.

They concluded that VR has the potential to reduce the number of physical mockups needed to improve overall product quality, and to obtain quick answers in an intuitive way during the concept phase of a product. In addition, Motorola developed a VR system for training workers to run a pager assembly line Wittenberg, They found that VR can be used to successfully train manufacturing personnel, and that participants trained in VR environments perform better on the job than those trained for the same time in real environments.

They reported that the two applications were used successfully to enhance design communication and to solve maintenance problems early, with minimal cost, delays, and effort. They also reported that using the VR applications helped make maintenance an integral part of their product design process. The success stories from industry show that VR-technology-literate professionals are a present and future industry need.

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However, most students currently do not have an opportunity to experience VR technologies while they are in school. Therefore, introducing VR into design and graphics curricula is imperative, to keep pace with the changing needs of industry. VSX is a demonstration of how virtual environment systems can be applied to the design of aircraft and other complex systems involving human interactions Kalawsky, It is a 3D virtual model of the interior and exterior of a tilt-rotor aircraft in virtual space that allows persons to interact with various items such as maintenance hatch, cargo ramp.

The system is utilized to explore the processes for installing and removing engines, especially for detecting the potential interface with other devices. The automotive industry starts to use the VR technology to design and build cars. It can take two years or more to advance from the development of an initial concept for a new type of car to the moment that a production version rolls off the assembly line.

An operator in a remote control room monitors the real working environment through live video views displayed on the screen and uses the virtual gripper to indicate desirable picking and placing locations. The robot in the inspection system completes material handling as specified so that the system can achieve flaw identification.

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The project consists of several applications, such as network design and integration, territory impact study, and assembly planning and control to respond to the needs of LHC engineers. VR offers multisensory immersive environments that engage students and allow them visualize information Eslinger, Mathematics and science teachers have used VR for explaining abstract spatial data.

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Winn and Bricken used VR to help students learn elementary algebra. They used three-dimensional space to express algebraic concepts and to interact with spatial representations in a virtual environment. They concluded that VR has the potential for making a significant improvement in the way students learn mathematics. Haufmann et al used VR in mathematics and geometry education, especially in vector analysis and descriptive geometry. Their survey showed that all participants 10 students rated VR as a very good playground for experiments, and all participants wanted to experience VR again.

Students also thought it was easier to view a 3D world in VR rather than on a flat screen. Though no statistical analysis was provided, some evidence of enhanced learning in some cases was reported. The most exciting possibilities in terms of education and VR are found as it is implemented in the education of the disabled. Sulbaran and Baker created an online learning system to study the effectiveness of VR in engineering education.

They used VR to train participants on how to operate a lock and to identify construction machines.

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VR technology promises to shorten a product development cycle greatly by skipping the need for physical mockups Vince, In Japan, customers bring the architectural layout of their home kitchen to the Matsushita store and plug it into the computer system to generate its virtual copy Newquist III, They can install appliances and cabinets, and change colors and sizes to see what their complete kitchen will look like without ever installing a single item in the actual location.

Similarly, Mike Rosen and Associates has been using an interactive and immersive VR technology to assist its building industry clients in the design, visualization, marketing, and sales Neil, The applications let the customers become actively involved in the visualization process, such as making changes of colors, textures, materials, lighting, and furniture on the fly. Researchers at NASA Johnson Space Center in Texas have developed an impressive virtual learning environment for high school students--a virtual physics laboratory which enables students to explore such concepts as gravity, friction, and drag in an interactive, virtual environment.

Students have several balls and a pendulum with which to work. They also www. In addition, the computer provides several interesting capabilities such as the ability to view dynamic events in slow motion or to show trails on objects to better show their movements Dedula, VR will lead to a number of important changes in human life and activity Cline, Cline argued that: VR will be integrated into daily life and activity and it will be used in various human ways; techniques will be developed to influence human behavior, interpersonal communication, and cognition i.

VR has had and is still having impact in heritage and archeology, mass media, fiction books, television, motion pictures, music videos, games, fine arts, marketing, health care, therapeutic uses, real estates and others numerous to mention. This comprised of a computer controlled laser disc based system designed by British-based engineer Colin Johnson. The use of VR in Heritage and Archaeology has enormous potential in museum and visitor centre applications.

There have been many historic reconstructions. These reconstructions are presented in a pre-rendered format to a shared video display, thus allowing more than one person to view a computer generated world, but limiting the interaction that full-scale VR can provide.

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One of the first modern works to use this idea was Daniel F. It has become so popular and somewhat commonplace that, with the help of surgical implants, people can connect directly into this future VR environment. Fiction books that described Virtual Reality 9. This story introduced a dream-like computer-generated reality known as the Matrix. They featured the holodeck, a VR facility on starships that enabled its users to recreate and experience anything they wanted.

One difference from current VR technology, however, was that replicators, force fields, holograms, and transporters were used to actually recreate and place objects in the holodeck, rather than relying solely on the illusion of physical objects, as is done today. The Matrix was significant in that it presented VR and reality as often overlapping, and sometimes indistinguishable.

A more artistic and philosophical perspective on the subject can be seen in Avalon. This was a stand-up immersive HMD platform with a tracked 3D joystick.

Artists stated to create impressions using VR. David Em was the first fine artist to create navigable virtual worlds. There are other pioneering artists working in VR. There are a lot of television commercials using VR. This commercial features a teenager playing tennis using a goggle and gloves system against a computer generated Andre Agassi. There are some others commercials as seen in most English premier league commercials.

Use ranges from anatomy instruction to surgery simulation. VR also has numerous applications that can be directly related to health care. In a white paper on the use of Virtual Environments for Health Care, Moline indicated several areas where patient care can be assisted by VR techniques. These include the use of VR for remote tele-surgery; the use of VR techniques in local surgery such as endoscopy, where the surgeon manipulates instruments by viewing a TV monitor; the use of virtual environments as surgical simulators or trainers; the use of virtual environments as therapy devices to reduce anxiety or fear.

North et al provided an overview of current work in the use of VR techniques to reduce phobias in their book VR Therapy. A very basic VR simulation with simple sight and sound models has been shown to be invaluable in phobia treatment as a step between basic exposure therapy such as the use of simulacra and true exposure North et al. A much more recent application is being piloted by the U. Navy to use a much more complex simulation to immerse veterans specifically of Iraq suffering from PTSD in simulations of urban combat settings.

Much as in phobia treatment, exposure to the subject of the trauma or fear seems to lead to desensitization, and a significant reduction in symptoms. Advantages and uses of VR Researchers in the field have generally agreed that VR technology is exciting and can provide a unique and effective way to learn and that VR projects are highly motivating to learners Mantovani et al.

From research, several specific situations have emerged in which VR has strong benefits or advantages. For example, VR has great value in situations where exploration of environments or interactions with objects or people is impossible or inconvenient, or where an environment can only exist in computer-generated form. VR is also valuable when the experience of actually creating a simulated environment is important to learning.

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Finally, VR is a very valuable instructional and practice alternative when the real thing is hazardous to learners, instructors, equipment, or the environment. Disadvantages and limitations of VR One important issue in the use of VR is the high level of skill and cost required to develop and implement VR, particularly immersive systems. Very high levels of programming and graphics expertise and very expensive hardware and software are necessary to develop immersive VR, and considerable skill is needed to use it effectively in instruction. While desktop VR technology has dramatically reduced the skill and cost requirement of virtual environments, it still demands some investment of money and time.

A long-standing problem with immersive VR has been health and safety concerns for its users. The early literature was top-heavy with studies of headaches, nausea, balance upsets, and other physical effects of HMD systems. While these problems have largely disappeared from current VR research as the equipment has improved, and appear to be completely absent in the new desktop systems, little is known about long-term physical or psychological effects of VR usage.

A second equipment limitation of VR arises from the fact that it is computer-based and requires high-end hardware for successful presentation. Inadequate computing gear can dramatically limit the response time for navigation and interaction in a virtual environment, possibly destroying its sense of presence for users and damaging or destroying its usefulness as a simulation of reality. The exciting field of VR has the potential to change our lives in many ways.

There are many applications of VR presently and there will be many more in the future. Many VR applications have been developed for manufacturing, education, simulation, design evaluation, architectural walk-through, ergonomic studies, simulation of assembly sequences and maintenance tasks, assistance for the handicapped, study and treatment of phobias, entertainment, rapid prototyping and much more.

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VR technology is now widely recognized as a major break through in the technological advance of science.