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Just follow the path. But standing in that hallway, it was all coming back to me.

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Memories were waiting at the edges of things, beckoning to me. Had you told me that I was seven again, I might have half believed you, for a moment. I walked into the farmyard. I went past the chicken coop, past the old barn and along the edge of the field, remembering where I was, and what was coming next, and exulting in the knowledge. Hazels lined the side of the meadow. I picked a handful of the green nuts, put them in my pocket.

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I saw it and felt oddly proud of myself, as if that one act of memory had blown away some of the cobwebs of the day. The pond was smaller than I remembered. There was a little wooden shed on the far side, and, by the path, an ancient, heavy wood-and-metal bench. The peeling wooden slats had been painted green a few years ago.

I sat on the bench, and stared at the reflection of the sky in the water, at the scum of duckweed at the edges, and the half-dozen lily pads. Every now and again I tossed a hazelnut into the middle of the pond, the pond that Lettie Hempstock had called ….

She would be older than I am now, Lettie Hempstock. She was only a handful of years older than I was back then, for all her funny talk. She was eleven. I was … what was I? It was after the bad birthday party. I knew that. So I would have been seven.

The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman

I wondered if we had ever fallen in the water. Had I pushed her into the duckpond, that strange girl who lived in the farm at the very bottom of the lane? I remembered her being in the water. Perhaps she had pushed me in too. Ebook available for kindle US , kindle UK , google , nook and itunes. Ana Grilo is a Brazilian who moved to the UK because of the weather. No, seriously.

I held my breath until I reached the end of your review. I was shocked—quite shocked—when Entertainment Weekly rated this book lower than you. Everything you said. Now have a new platform for sharing your thoughts and ideas. You can share them with the people or you are just free to keep it personal. Online-Diary offers its users personal diary writing experience on web. We may create, edit and share our thoughts using free diaries online, private diary online, electronic diary, secret diary, open diary, diaries, web diaries, online blog diary tools for shaping and moulding your thoughts in a more protective and beautiful manner.

You two said it much better than I ever could! Really enjoyed this story, and plan on rereading it again and again, as it was just that good! I usually tear through novels, but I feel sort of trepidatious about reading this too quickly. I think it is going to be a really special night. Canada: DC Comics, Reprint collection.

The Sandman, Vol 4: Season of Mists.

Geek Books Review - The Ocean at the End of the Lane - Part 1 (No Spoilers)

Graves, Robert. The White Goddess: A historical grammar of poetic myth.

The Ocean at the End of the Lane - Chapters 10 – 11 Summary & Analysis

Malone, Tess. July 18, Retrieved July 1, McLean, Adam.

USA: Phanes Press, Schnelbach, Leah. June 20, Walker, Barbara K. But I think thoughtful discussions like this article are even more important because of that. It is eye-opening. A wonderful read. It is, quite simply, magical! I loved The Ocean at the end of the lane. Beautifully written and a good story. I also think it transcends ages.

The Hempstock’s Neo-Pagan Allusions

After I finished reading it, I picked it up and read it to my 6 and 9 year olds. They may not have gotten all of the points but they enjoyed it as well. I like your study about the Triple Goddess thing. Who, Mrs. Which, Mrs. The divine feminine is a powerful symbol.

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The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman l Summary & Study Guide

Really powerful book. However, their length and scope especially the Sandman novels have always lent themselves to the kind of self-indulgent writerly cleverness which, however intelligent, detracts from the overall narrative. The brevity of this work, by contrast, makes it a lean and muscular beast. There is not even a single word too much. Gaiman once said that publishing serially was like jumping out of a plane and knitting oneself a parachute on the way down.

Given his relative inexperience at the time, it holds together really well. But you are correct — Ocean is, by contrast, a much leaner, more focused story. It is pretty funny, and actually provides some pretty good insights into a lot of religious questions people have. It reminds me of an easier to read C. I suppose my personal favorite is either Stardust or The Graveyard Book, while I would say his best is either American Gods or Anansi Boys, where he takes the Anansi character from American Gods and drops his sons into the middle of a P.

Wodehouse novel. But, I absolutely love everything he has written, and I have read it all, up through the second volume of Sandman which has the recurring 3 Women motif….