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A Modern Engineer — Edinburgh, Midlothian.

A True Story of Love and Tragedy at the Circus

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The takes off on its maiden voyage. AP Photo. Janet Bednarek , University of Dayton. The prototype was first displayed to the public on Sept. Wikimedia Commons Just to produce the , Boeing first had to erect what was and still is the largest building by volume ever constructed — big enough to hold 75 football fields or all of Disneyland. The jumbo jet is born The story of the , like those of many other aircraft, began with a military request.

Spoilers ahead! Art by Alice Duke! She is my favorite Shadowhunter of them all.

Queen of the Air: A True Story of Love and Tragedy at the Circus

I love her, I love her bravery, I love her empathy, and I love how she loves. My kink. My fucking kink. The gifts CC gives us. I mean, it is kind of my life goal.

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And she gave us the polyamorous relationship of my dreams! But that scene on the boulder between the three of them? We loved each other, and it was a great thing, but with you, it is even greater.

"Queen of the Air (cover)" by Everclear

I love her friendship with Emma, but I loved her deciding, at her own pace, what she wanted in her life. Also, no offense, but Cassie Clare also gave her the worst Shadowhunter weapons, imo. He is honestly probably my third favorite character in all of the Shadowhunter world. And when all the fae people were remembering all the kind things he did for them, and when the little girl gave him the white flower?

You know this necromancy and dark magic are going to follow him all the way through TWP! I love you. But I do really wish she would have just been able to rest in peace.

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But I cried really hard when he told Julian that he just wanted to go home at the end. Julian really raised all these kids to be brave, to be strong, and to love always. I love her, and I loved seeing her journey. And I especially loved seeing Ty spend more time with her. Lord, why? When he picked up that picture that Julian drew and learned her name? I screamed. Every book I fall more and more in love with him. And seeing him as a dad?

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It is truly the best. Also, Magnus having a heart to heart with Ty about gutted me, because it was so damn beautiful. And he is going to completely change the world with unconditional love. And seeing him become Consul of the Clave? And now she has her own little private city to breed her hate. I am so not looking forward to what is going to come of her and her hateful gang being left alone.

But this was too damn much for me. Yeah, he did Kieran a solid, and I respect it, but I still never really liked him. Nice dagger gift and all, boy no. Give me an entire Diana series, please, Cassie Clare. The blessings. Like, these warlocks put me in my feels every single time. And I cheered out loud when the reveal actually came to fruition! And now that they are going to raise a Herondale, Kit, so he can be safe?

Ah, I just love this little family so much. Real talk, Jace had me actually laughing out loud during this entire book and I loved and hated every single second of it. Especially his banter with Kit, I mean, Christopher. And when Jace voted in Alec for Consul of the Clave? And in return, it almost felt like tragedy porn seeing them live again. And now we have an evil Jace in our world and on the loose to… kill Clary? Love Clary?

Queen of the Air - IMDb

To do something with Clary? But the true reason I am giving this book four stars, and the reason I probably think it is the weakest book in The Dark Artifices is because of Annabel. What a missed opportunity to have an amazing villain character. She died so easily, too, and it felt so bad. I mean, she is on the cover of this book! And the title is completely her!

Like, for a second I actually thought Emma was going to die, and then, in turn, Julian would have died, too. Which was eyeroll worthy, but also sweet. It just feels so unsatisfying. I will also say that the ending was completely and utterly fanservice, but it was fanservice that I ate up with a spoon and asked for more. And then the short story after the epilogue? With Jace and Clary in that greenhouse?

The Queen of Nothing

God, that greenhouse. All of these original characters have brought me so much happiness in , and seeing them get moments of pure happiness at the end of this book was honestly everything. And now I finally get to wait and suffer for the next thing Cassie Clare publishes with the rest of you! You all made the experience even more special and I love you all!

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View all 78 comments. What do you mean this trilogy is over? Now I need to cry myself to sleep because what do you mean this trilogy is over?? Full RTC. Release date has been pushed forwa What do you mean this trilogy is over? It's now set for Fall release!!!!!! I may or may not be crying right now. Where can I find a time machine???? After the ending of Lord of Shadows, I won't even make it through today, let alone two more years. View all comments. Oct 27, Elise TheBookishActress rated it liked it Shelves: 3-star , genre-series-books , books-read , marked-as-favorite-reviews , genre-pn-urban-fantasy , books-released This was Generally, this just felt very thrown together in comparison to the fairly well-balanced nature of earlier books.

First of all, the concept of Thule… is good.