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Alba 18 Jordi Alba Defender. Roberto 20 Sergi Roberto Defender. Umtiti 23 Samuel Umtiti Defender. Rakitic 4 Ivan Rakitic Midfielder.

Busquets 5 Sergio Busquets Midfielder. Arthur 8 Arthur Midfielder. Jong 21 Frenkie de Jong Midfielder. Vidal 22 Arturo Vidal Midfielder. Messi 10 Lionel Messi Forward.

Griezmann 17 Antoine Griezmann Forward. Valverde Ernesto Valverde Manager. Sergi Roberto is one of the most versatile players in the squad and is known for his ability to get forward and his creativity. Read Full Player Bio. Place of birth. Previous Next. Presented by. The versatile academy product was a participant in both the wins over PSG and Sevilla.

Sergi Roberto | Player page for the Midfielder | FC Barcelona Official website

Sergi Roberto hamstring injury: out weeks. Medical tests carried out on Sunday confirmed he has a rupture in the semimembranous muscle in his left leg. Which of our stars are playing for their countries, against whom, where and when? This at-a-glance guide will answer all your questions.

The FC Barcelona player emphasised in a pre-match press conference that "Inter like to have the ball and will feel stronger at home, but we will go for it". After pulling his rectus femoris muscle against Athletic Club, the player will sit out the midweek trip to London. It's time to find out! La Liga 26 Titles. Copa Del Rey 30 Trophies. Main Partners. Follow FC Barcelona on social media.

History The best years in our history The era of the Dream Team The Kubala era Foundation and survival. Close article. Privacy Policy This site uses cookies. Accept Cookies Find Out More. Share Video Share this moment Share Video. Running time Related Videos Autoplay. Events that stream exclusively through certain platforms are more likely to miss essential viewership.

They saw the importance of reaching audiences across as many platforms as possible. This should allow brands to make more informed sponsorship decisions. They have their own internal mechanics that are often difficult for average viewers to understand. This means that for the uninitiated, these games may be too much trouble to follow. In the future though, brands and competitions may want to expand their reach.

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Harder-to-understand esports could alienate future viewers. Brands interested in a bigger picture might consider less abstract games, where the objectives and tactics are easily understood by even unfamiliar viewers. Barring that, brands should research whether competitions or esports leagues plan to consider more casual viewers. In the long-term, brand image is often much more meaningful than brand exposure. Which game or competition a brand associates with can say a lot to consumers, whether positively or negatively.

Awareness of the audience and history, both of game franchises and competitive events, is essential.

Many brands will also want to consider gameplay that is brand safe—as removed from controversy as possible. Non-endemic brands should consider how to seamlessly but not disruptively integrate themselves into the event, to make consumer response as efficient as possible. With all these elements in mind, here are some brief overviews of some of the most established esports leagues and what makes them unique.

Through its championship events, League of Legends has become a premiere name in esports, and the LCS US specific tournament is the highest tier competitive League of Legends has to offer. The LCS annual season is split between spring and summer, culminating in the World Championship, which starts in October. What makes it unique : While League of Legends is certainly not the most popular competitive esport in the US or North America, it has attained globally iconic status.

Are Esports an Actual Sport?

Riot operates fourteen regional leagues globally, of which there are more than teams. They would have OWL travel the world between home and away locations, further mirroring. Both owe their existence to a Warcraft III mod, Defense of the Ancients; both have adopted a free-to-play model; and both have become iconic esports internationally. The difference between a Major and a Minor tournament is that a Major is significantly more likely to qualify a player for the International, while also offering a larger prize pool.

Battle passes give players access to virtual goods, which provide cosmetic rewards. A first-person shooter placing players in the roles of either counter-terrorists or terrorists, Counter Strike: Global Offensive is the latest installment in the popular Counter-Strike franchise. Tournaments are held internationally. However , brand safety is a concern.

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CS:GO is graphically violent, and violence is its core focus. Brands have to be wary of this going into any conversation. Having experienced a slight decline since its massive Twitch popularity of several years ago—no longer the trend it used to be —Hearthstone is a digital card game set in the Warcraft universe. Hearthstone nevertheless maintains a strong audience and competitive scene.

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The Masters Tour consists of select marquee live events and moves players around the world, starting in Las Vegas, moving to Seoul, and then concluding in Bucharest. What makes it unique : Like OWL, the Hearthstone Masters is organized by Blizzard, a company making strong strides in the esports industry, aiming to legitimize it alongside other sports.

As far as brand safe esports, Hearthstone and other online card games are probably among the best, given that controversy is really not present in the gameplay itself. With a successful brand strategy, sponsoring an established league, like those listed above, offers brands a large audience, more stability, and a strong community. However, a smaller brands might have difficulty reaching budget minimums with organizers for major competitive events to make a meaningful impact throughout the year.

A good brand strategy involves careful research, specifically regarding accurate and precise metrics with historical precedent and parallels.